Friday, 8 February 2013

Science Friday: I'm Back!!

So I haven't written on my Blog since last week!  I've been wanting to but just don't seem to have found the motivation to do so.  But back to the topic at hand:  Science.  I've not really had much success so far writing the science part of my blog.  It's frustrating that it's so easy to find information on completely mundane things but for one of my main passions I can't seem to build enthusiasm.  I thought that today I would fail again until I saw a great page posted on Twitter.

This is a collection of Chemistry GIFs that really demonstrate how cool some chemical reactions can be.  GIFs like these are the reason that I find Chemistry so fascinating (I do have my undergraduate degree in Chemistry after all) and its amazing to see some of the amazing things that can be done.

Now I'll come to my own gripes in science.  So for my PhD I'm expected to perform experiments but the problem with this is that half the time all the equipment in the department is broken!  It's so frustrating when you think that you might finally be getting somewhere and suddenly you are set back a week or more while you are waiting for equipment to be repaired.  Another annoyance I've found is the uncooperative nature of some academic staff.  It would be nice when you ask politely for permission that you could borrow something that they'd at least have the courtesy to at least be receptive and not hostile.

Well that's my little blog post over for this time.  I will hopefully be back for Geek Monday next week.  Thanks for reading everybody! 

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