Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Games Wednesday: So Where's the Rest of my Game?

So I've had a good week in gaming!!  I've managed to finish Far Cry 3 (how awesome is this game), start Dishonored (so far I'm loving it), progressed further in Diablo 3 and started my own YouTube channel in which I'm doing Let's Plays!!

Far Cry 3

Definitely one of the games of the year from last year.  I believe I have described it as 'Skyrim with guns' several times and it is certainly as addictive but maybe no where near as long.  The length of Far Cry 3 is my only concern with the game because after spending many hours completing missions, unlocking weapons, killing animals, taking bases, climbing towers and enjoying the story I though that when you got to the south island that it would be the same case.  Sadly it doesn't quite have the same pace because having already unlocked almost the entire tatau and having almost all the signature weapons the south island didn't give the same experience.  At the beginning of the game you feel vulnerable due to being surrounded by pirates who wanted you dead with limited health, weapons and ammo.  As play you feel yourself becoming a bad-ass and by the end of the north island you're near invincible.  When you have finished this the story and the pacing of the game flops because you have killed Vaas, who is the poster character of the game, but this is not the end of the game because you now have to take on his boss, Hoyt, who isn't any where near as interesting a character and the motivation for killing him is a lot more fuzzy than Vaas (because he killed your brother in front of you)!  Also you start the south island as a walking tank, equipped with all the best weapons, and after one of the first missions you can go almost any where (except enemy camps) with impunity as you are disguised as a mercenary.  Due to having the best weapons and being chums with the baddies getting to places and killing the enemies there happens so much quicker which results in completing the second part of the game in a fraction of the time.  Don't get me wrong I was still enjoying myself thoroughly and there were some great characters as well (Sam in particular) but I wish they had done more with it to keep you playing the game.  At some point I will go back and finish off all the side-quests I have not finished but for now I have plenty of other games to be playing.

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THQ Collapse

So its sad to see gaming companies come and go but tragic when its a big one such as THQ.  THQ have made some great games over the years (such as Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, Saint's Row, Metro 2033, Darksiders etc.) and it was awesome to see so many of their great games up for grabs recently in the Humble THQ Bundle (which was my first of their pay-what-you-want packs I have bought).  I thought with exposure such as this that they might be able to pull through but sadly not but it is awesome to see that so many of their franchises have now been taken up by other studios!!  RIP THQ!!

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So here's my Games Wednesday update.  Don't forget to comment, subscribe and keep reading if you like what you see.  I'll be back this week for Science Friday!

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