Monday, 25 February 2013

Geek Monday: I'm Back

So I've not written on my Blog for a couple of weeks now and this is due to me being busy at work and being ill.  But now my workload and health is evening out again I feel that I now have the time to devote to writing to my Blog.

Samsung Galaxy S4

So Samsung have just announced a date for revealing of the S4:  March 14th.  I was hoping that  the S4 wouldn't be announced till later in the year because I'm now into the second year of my contract and I'm starting to think about my upgrade in January 2014.  My hopes were pinned on the S4 being released around September to October this year so that when I upgrade I would be able to pick it up with it still be relatively new but with the prices of contracts significantly reduced.  With this early reveal date I'm now worried that the release will be in April/May which will then mean that the phone will already be getting close to a year old.  Bloody hell Samsung!!

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Nvidia Geforce Titan

Nvidia have gone and released the most bonkers graphics card currently available.  The Titan GPU is inspired by those used in supercomputers but based on the current 600 series Kepler architecture.  This card offers performance that is significantly more than a GTX 680 but only slightly less than a GTX690.  This is attractive over the dual GPU GTX 690 because some games suffer from multi-GPU incompatibility so having a single GPU that can offer close to this performance is ideal.  The only problem with this card is the monster price tag that goes with it!!  This card is retailing at over £800 which is more than a single GTX 690 or 2 x GTX 670/680s.  Two GTX 670s (the GPU in my own rig) wouldn't cost you any more than £600 (reference style cards anyway) which would give you a superior performance to the titan with £200 to spare.  From what I've seen Nvidia are great for releasing SLI profiles for new games so if you don't play the latest releases at launch then a multi-GPU set-up would be no problem.  Still at least Nvidia can now safely beat AMD again with the fastest single GPU!!

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Thanks for reading everyone and I will be back for Gaming Wednesday and Science Friday this weed!! 

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