Monday, 14 January 2013

Geek Monday: Upcoming TV

So I'm quite an avid watcher of TV.  My fiancée at times has told me I watch too much TV but truth be told I try not to watch TV for the sake of watching it (I'd rather play a game on my PC or Xbox if there is nothing on).  What I do like to watch are good TV series that I can follow week by week and look forward to the continuing story.  I've watched many a good TV series and some came to an end last year (like Merlin and Chuck) and this year looks like it is going to provide some really good TV.  I'll now go through some of the shows I plan on watching this year.

How I Met Your Mother  (

I'll do this one first as it's fresh in my mind because my fiancée has been watching every episode from the beginning (while applying for jobs)!  I've been really into HIMYM for a long time now and I've been waiting for the new series (season 8) to start in the UK (I'm looking at you E4 for delaying it till the new year).  Although HIMYM is still funny  I feel as though they've dragged out the story too far now.  While I'm glad for more series its kind of frustrating to know that we won't know the culmination of the story for still over another year.  Here's hoping he actually meets the mother this series and they spend season 9 wrapping up all loose ends and possibly show the wedding/aftermath.

Big Bang Theory  (

I started watching the new series last year and I'm completely looking forward to watching the rest of the season now it has restarted in January.  The only thing that worries me with BBT is that unlike HIMYM there is no clear end goal in sight for the series.  While HIMYM has now set its self an ultimate deadline (it showed Ted's child in 2014 so he must have met the mother by then) BBT doesn't really have anything to aim for in comparison.  This could then run the risk of overstaying its welcome and allowing the comedy of it to run dry as they renew it season after with no reason to end it (as does happen often such as with shows such as Family Guy with even Seth McFarlan saying it should have ended long ago).  But with these concerns long in the future I'm still enjoying this show immensely.

Revenge  (

Disclaimer:  This is not my typical type of TV program.  With that out of the way I can now discuss how much I'm looking forward to watching season 2.  I missed the pilot of season 1 but my fiancée made me watch episode 2 and since then I've been hooked.  This show is a bit of a guilty pleasure really and it looks like season 2 will continue on providing intrigue and drama.

Person of Interest  (

This was one of my favourite new series that was on last year and when I saw that channel 5 were doing a mid-season break I was livid.  I wouldn't have minded if it coincided with the typical American mid-season break but season 2 in America had started not long after season 1 in the UK.  So we're expected to wait over a year longer than America to watch some of our favourite shows?  It's a wonder why people go away and pirate TV shows when we're expected to wait this long after its been out across the pond (Suits is another show that has this problem)!  Apart from that this series has massive potential but could run the risk of becoming similar to Lost (unanswered plot points abound).

Once Upon a Time  ( 

Another really good show that is broadcast on Channel 5 but unlike Person of Interest we only have to wait a couple of months after the states to watch the new season.  The first season had some serious Lost vibes about it (with all the flashbacks and I believe that it was written by ex-Lost writers) and the massive cliff-hanger at the end of the season has really set the stage for season 2 which will introduce even more Disney characters (as the studio who makes the show is owned by Disney).

Grimm  (

A show in the same vein as Once Upon a Time in which fantasy stories are brought into the modern world but this show does in a much more darker way with lots of gore and more adult themes in general.  Season 1 was really interesting and season 2 looks like it should be building on this so far (its currently in its mid-season break both here and in the states).  When I first started watching I was concerned it would fall flat due to no overall plot but I think one is very gradually starting to form but we shall see.

Arrow  (

Really exciting start to the show and definitely has a much grittier feeling to it than something like Smallville (which did feature Green Arrow).  Be nice to see where they go with the remainder of the season and I'm looking forward to all the guest star appearances which should be coming up.

Doctor Who  (

Since Matt Smith took the reins the quality of Doctor Who has fallen.  This is nothing to do with actor its more to do with the arrival of Stephen Moffat at the same time I think.  While the head writers one off episodes during David Tenant's tenure were some of the best I've see I don't think that he can keep up the quality when helming the series and it has shown.  After the 2012 Christmas episode this looks as though it could be changing with a definite increase in quality that was shown (as well as a very attractive new companion).

Warehouse 13  (

One of my favourite TV shows period.  Currently on its mid-season break (here and in the States) this is definitely one show I'm looking forward to returning.  Initially a spin-off to its sister show Eureka it has definitely surpassed its older sibling with its quality, humour and story telling.

So these are my shows to look forward to this year.  There are other shows I will watch such as Elementary (when it returns from its break), Revolution, Spartacus: War of the Damned and many more but there are too many good shows to list.  My next post will be a Gaming Wednesday and this week I hope to do a Science Friday which I didn't get around to last week. Thanks for reading!

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